About Us

At Wolf Tax, we come to work every day to solve the biggest problems in the Tax Resolution Industry; large, upfront fees, deceptive promises, poor outcomes, and lack of care for the client. We also genuinely love to restore happiness and freedom to those being affected by the burden of tax collection. 


From Maine to Missouri, Louisville to Los Angeles, we represent people just like you nationwide, regardless of your income. No matter how much money you owe the IRS or your State Department of Revenue, our mission is to put your best interest and long term needs first. We believe in full transparency and making it easy for you to afford the defense you deserve. We quote a flat fee based on the work required and monthly payments to us you can afford. We are proud of our A+ Rating with the BBB because it represents our beliefs. We believe in proving all of this to you, regardless of your income and location. 

Who, Why & Where?

Wolf Tax is managed by leading tax attorney,  Evan Wolf.  Evan helps his clients with hands-on attention and care. He's honest, direct, experienced, he's tough, and he knows how to use the IRS' own techniques against them. He takes great pleasure in obtaining the best results for his clients. Evan's last name speaks for itself. If you're lost and in the dark, which animal would you want at your side? You're in the right place.

Evan Wolf IRS Tax Attorney.jpg

In his career journey that started in a big law firm, he recognized the bloated corporate red tape as a hindrance to clients and that these cases needed the attention of an attorney from the beginning. He saw how it added insult to injury of the trauma often inflicted by the IRS and States. Evan decided to do something about it. Wolf Tax was born.

From the beginning, I set out to create a company that would fight for the people who could not fight for themselves. Not only that, I wanted to make sure my fees were something that anyone can afford.

We can represent you regardless of your location in the U.S. We have regional contact locations in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit, Indianapolis, LouisvilleMemphis, and New Jersey

Our Promise 

We feel that no client should pay for a service until they know what their options are and what kind of tax help they can expect. Because of this philosophy, our promise is to ensure that you have your tax situation assessed by a seasoned tax attorney at no cost. 100% free.

Our Process

  1. Make contact with the IRS as soon as possible and obtain all information the IRS has on file.
  2. Analyze your current and future economic situation, create a custom plan and get you in full "compliance" with the IRS and, finally, use this information to end your tax liability and resolve your matter for good.
  3. Once you decide to proceed, we will customize a flexible payment plan that fits your circumstances and budget. We always try to work with our client's personal situation. 
  4. When you become a client, we will take over all communications and correspondence with the IRS and state taxing authorities, and thus, free you from dealing with these intimidating agencies. We always avail ourselves for questions or concerns, and we make every effort to return you to the freedom you've worked so hard for. 

Welcome to Wolf Tax. We're here to fight for you. Contact us now.