Tax Audit Help


Within the last several years the IRS has increased its effort in collecting all funds due to them.

The most common way is through auditing the tax return. In the event that you receive notification of an impending IRS audit, you need to contact an attorney at Wolf Tax immediately. Our well trained staff, along with your help, prepares and sends the necessary documents to get you the winning results.

If you have received that dreaded letter notifying you that your return has been selected for an audit, do not fear! We have represented many clients in both personal and business tax audits. Even if you do not believe that you have done anything wrong or are unsure of why you are being audited, we don’t recommend that you attempt to represent yourself.

We will provide you the experience and professionalism when dealing with your IRS or State audit. For a personal audit it is important to understand that returns are usually selected for statistical reasons. By contacting us we are able to become a buffer between you and the IRS and/or State. If you have a business audit, it is important to understand your rights. Before you allow them to take computers, records, even enter your place of business, stop and understand your rights.