Celebrity Tax Troubles: Keisha "Rudy" Pulliam Owes Georgia $100k

Keisha Pulliam Tax Problems

Keshia Knight Pulliam, who you might remember as darling little "Rudy Huxtable" on The Cosby Show has just left the television series “Celebrity Big Brother." But the hubub is about... drum roll, please... taxes! Sources say she owes the Georgia Department of Revenue $102,286.37, and that's not chump change, Y'all.

In a filing in the Fayette, Georgia Superior Court from December 30, 2017, the former child star owes $51,469 in unpaid state taxes from 2011 and 2013. But she has since accrued $27,806.13 in interest, $12,667.44 in penalties, $10,293.80 in collection fees and $50 in extra costs. So her total now exceeds $100,000. That's a great example of how tax debt works, it just doesn't want to stop growing. 

The filings do not indicate she has paid what she has owed since the December 30 filing.

Pulliam asked to leave CBS’s “Celebrity Big Brother” on Monday because she was having trouble creating breast milk for her one-year-old daughter Ella Grace. Her castmates obliged, saving Shannon Elizabeth from a possible blindside. That's more drama than the show could possibly deliver with the cameras on.

TMZ reported that CBS "lured" the celebrities with a $200,000 guaranteed payday with more money the longer they stay on the show. The winner could take home $500,000. We sure hope Keisha gets some good advice, and soon. That smile of hers is priceless, but debt isn't.