Celebrity Tax Tuesday - Tiffany Haddish Tells the IRS What's Up

In a recent, joyously sarcastic and irreverent Instagram post, Tiffany Haddish, the award-winning comedienne and actress, asked the Internal Revenue Service why, even though she pays her taxes "on time every year all the time," she never receives Thank You cards from the IRS.

After offering a shout out to both the federal and state tax agencies, she quickly shifts into Pout Mode.

"You never, ever, ever, send me a thank-you card, or a birthday card, or a Christmas card, or a Hanukkah card, or any kind of anything that says, ‘You know what, Tiffany, we appreciate that you're out here busting your ass, making all this money and we're taking about 51 percent of your money," chides the loquacious Haddish."

"Can you just say 'Thank you,' IRS? Can I get a thank you? Because it hurts. It really hurts. So disrespectful," adds an obviously Haddish.

Haddish, who earned an Emmy this year for her guest hosting of NBC's Saturday Night Live, also added some pointed hashtags to her Instagram tax thanks plea:

  • #Taxeshurt

  • #respect

  • #AThankYouWouldBeNice

  • #Why51%

  • #AreWeMarried?

  • #WhyUDontComeHomeAtNightThen?

The 51% reference might not be too far off if Haddish didn't have a lot of ways to legally lower her tax liability. Maybe, in addition to seeking some thanks from the IRS, she also needs to look into getting a new tax professional.

All said, she is a renowned entertainer, and after starring in a successful Groupon ad campaign, maybe she's the best talent for an IRS re-branding?