IRS Finally Issues Taxpayers Bill of Rights

 IRS Finally Issues Taxpayers Bill of Rights

 IRS Finally Issues Taxpayers Bill of Rights

The Internal Revenue Service as adopted a "Taxpayer Bill of Rights" to better help it's citizens understand their basic tax rights. Even though these rights already exist in the tax code, this is a major step in transparency between the IRS and taxpayers.  It always appears the IRS makes up rules and regulations to confuse taxpayers and their rights, but this helps the average person know they have rights and options when it comes to the IRS. Tax attorneys themselves have a difficult time understanding the basic rights and these rights are often ignored. This small gesture is a major first step in educating taxpayers and protecting their rights. Nina Olson from taxpayer advocate said, "Only 46% of taxpayers believe they have rights,"

The rights are:

• The right to be informed, which includes clear forms and instructions.

• The right to quality service.

• The right to pay no more than the correct amount of tax.

• The right to challenge the IRS' position and be heard.

• The right to appeal an IRS decision in an independent forum. In addition to an internal appeals process, taxpayers also have the right to take a dispute to court.

• The right to finality.

• The right to privacy, meaning that IRS audits should be no more intrusive than necessary.

• The right to confidentiality.

• The right to retain representation.

• The right to a fair and just tax system.

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