Do You Need a Detroit Tax Attorney?

At Wolf Tax, our tax attorneys serve all of Michigan, and from our headquarters just outside of Detroit, we help individuals and small businesses put an end to their tax problems once and for all.  Our sole focus is on IRS and State tax disputes and we have the experience needed guide you through the IRS collection process.

In fact, once retained, most of our clients will never meet or talk to the IRS ever again.  If you have a Michigan or IRS tax problem and you live in Wayne County you need the expertise of a dedicated Detroit tax attorney. 

The first step is to give us a call for your free consultation with our Detroit tax attorney.  During your free consultation, we will go through your case, determine your options and even call the IRS free of charge.

If you decide to become a client, our Detroit tax attorney will provide immediate tax relief by stopping any liens, levies, and wage garnishments while he or she determines a more long lasting solution to your tax problem.  Our firm will help you select the best settlement option for your unique tax problem. Our main goal will be to reduce or eliminate your total tax liability and structure a tax settlement agreement that has your future in mind.

So if you live in Detroit and have a tax problem with the IRS or the State of Michigan, contact Wolf Tax today for a free consultation with an experienced Detroit tax attorney.