Currently Non Collectible


When you owe back taxes and are experiencing a financial hardship and do not have the ability to pay the IRS, you may qualify for "Currently Not Collectible" status.

The IRS does not publicize this solution, and it may be the most overlooked IRS solution. It’s called “Currently Not Collectible” or “Hardship” and this solution allows qualified taxpayers to permanently or temporarily not pay back taxes.

We will make sure the IRS sends you a letter confirming this fact. And then they leave you alone. If you would like to see what Currently Not Collectible letters look like, let us know, Wolf Tax has many on file from our clients who were declared “Currently Not Collectible” by the IRS.   

Many of you reading this now are uncollectible, and you don’t even know it. So let’s see whether you qualify for Hardship or some other tax solution that will put your tax problem behind you once and for all.

Please contact us to speak with a seasoned and aggressive tax attorney and find out if qualify.